NATO Won’t Destroy Afghan Poppy Fields

The production of opium in Afghanistan has skyrocketed since the US-led invasion of the country in 2001.

-This is a fascinating throwback in British history, something every child should learn about in school.

The Opium Trade in Afghanistan has always been a profitable crop to Anglo Interests.

Try the British / China Opium Wars as part of a trade impalance caused by…………. Tea:

As far as I can see the trade is just business as usual now the Taliban have been side-stepped. The Opium goes to Internationalist Big Pharma who make the opiates and Morphia that is manufactured for medical use. Its a superbly profitable trade, Its a bit nasty stealing it instead of trading for it, but we do need it.

Opium was THE premier export that Afhanistan had, the only other being tourism, and lets face it….. thats pretty much dead.

If you are really interested in the trade than concentrate your efforts on looking for the transport links….. How do they get it out?

The US use the Army / Air Force Transport Corp…… Funny eh?

The ironies are there in droves for any student of history of course.

We are in Afghanistan to prevent the Chinese building a fixed Oil/Gas pipeline down into the Iranian (Axis of Eeeeeeevil) distribution network.

Where last time we used Opium to rebalance the trade with China over Tea for Silver with military force provided by the Royal Navy, today we use Opium to pay for the force to prevent China getting to our Middle Eastern Oil.